Cool facts about Tomales Bay


For whoever doesn’t know it, Tomales Bay is a piece of ”Heaven on Earth” situated on the Northern Coast of California. Here the sky seems to embrace the crystal-clear water and those who come here deeply enjoy the surrounding peace and quiet.

We know that there are a lot of dreamy places on Earth and some of them are in the USA, so what makes Tomales Bay so special?

The answer to this question would be: here you can find tasty local food and you have the possibility to eat it in nature. Given the ocean influence, you can imagine that seafood is among the most popular dishes; in fact, the area is famous for its oysters and many tourists come here just to try them.

Next to good food in a relaxing environment; Tomales Bay gives you the opportunity to get engaged in other cool activities. If you don’t want to spend an entire day lying under the sun you have other options. Everybody can find something to do, regardless of the age and hobbies, so you can go with your family, friends of partner. Some of the attractions are local (and by this, we don’t mean the food), so you cannot see or try them anywhere else:


–     Eating oysters should definitely be on your TO DO List.

–     You can see how cheese is made at the Cowgirl’s Creamery and make your own butter at Straus Family Creamery.The process of making can be observed through the window for free, but if you pay $3, you can sign up for a live demonstration and tasting. Also, you can buy the local award-winning product and other international cheeses.

–     You can participate in guided tours in local ranches and farms.

–     Picnics on the beach are always relaxing and enjoyable.

–     Horseback riding will be one of your children’s favorite activities. Don’t worry, the horses are well trained and the ride will be guided by an experienced person.

–     The place is perfect for a kayak camping adventure; the bay is full of natural marvels and some of them can be admired only when you paddle. If you want to go on a kayaking trip make reservations for the camping area and remember that you have to pay around $75 for half a day.

–     Go shopping and buy some meat or eggs from animals raised on the local farms.

–     Visits the vineyards that produce exquisite wines. Here, for $3, you can taste Pinot Noir with a cherry flavor or Cabernet.


As you can see, Tomales Bay can make everyone feel special. If you are planning to spend more than one day here, you can find many lodging facilities, each of them with its’ own specific. Camping is the main attraction, but most off the clean and comfortable cottages are always full during oyster season.


Don’t take our word for it; come and see for yourself!


Monoculars vs. binoculars – Which one do you need?



Whether you enjoy bird watching or admiring nature from a considerable distance, you will require special gear to deal with your outdoor pleasures. However, one of the most important items you will require is a special device for magnifying and help you see everything you want from far distances, meaning a pair of binoculars or a monocular.

Finding the right fit for you really depends on your expectations, requirements, and budget, but with so many good options available on the market right now, it can be hard to find the best pair of binoculars. This is why we have decided to help you out a little bit and present you with the main differences between binoculars and monoculars to see which item will suit you the best.



Obviously enough, binoculars will use two different lenses to capture the image and magnify it accordingly to help you see from considerable distances. Binoculars are the popular version and represent the most common types of magnifying devices that can be used for a wide array of indoor and outdoor activities, depending on their capacities.

These products are easier to find so you will enjoy numerous variations in terms of size, price, shape, performance, range, and others. They are also made of different materials and the quality of the lenses used differs. This is why you can find cheap items with medium quality and even plenty of products specifically designed for children.

Binoculars are easier to use and more comfortable in the long run. Your eyes will remain rested for longer and the eye fatigue is considerably reduced. Moreover, you will lower the risk of headaches, migraines, tiring eyes or eye infections, especially if you plan to use the device for birdwatching.



On the other hand, monoculars use a single-lens mechanism to provide extreme magnifying solutions. Monoculars are usually small, compact, and very lightweight, which makes them easy to carry around and store whenever you are not using them.

Monoculars derive from former telescopes and, just like binoculars, can fit numerous roles both indoors and outdoors. Finding a cheap monocular could prove a little bit more demanding as these devices are not as popular as regular binoculars. Nevertheless, there are plenty of items that can be recommended, depending on your exact specifications.

The main advantage of monoculars is that they are extremely lightweight and easy to carry, and this is why they represent the main option for modern military tactical gears.


The verdict

Monoculars are rather a personal choice by those who are used to these items or require them for specific uses. If you’re looking for an everyday product while hunting, bird watching or watching sports events, we suggest opting for binoculars as they are more common and you can choose between more designs.


Fish skinners – are they worth it?


Fishing is a wonderful activity that allows you to clear your mind of all the bad thoughts and get a clear view of the issues you are pondering about. I love going on a fishing trip because it’s the only time when I can relax and enjoy what nature has to offer.

However, I have a lot of friends that always complain about having to clean the fish they don’t release back in the water. Some anglers like to keep the fish even though they are fully aware that afterward, they will go through a long tedious process that consists in gutting and filleting the catch.  

The good news is that there is a magical solution to help you with this problem. The device, called fish skinner, is specially designed to make your life easier when preparing the fish. A product like enables the skinning as well as the de-ribbing stages so easy that you’ll be actually glad to do it.



I’m not saying to get rid of the fillet knives because they come in handy for many fishing enthusiasts. I’m just amazed because a difficult task gets easier with the help of a simple tool.

The skinner is simple to use. All you have to do is to plug in the fish skinner, face a fish rib side up and, using the fillet placed at an angle away from the fish skinner, run the tool over the filler until it reaches the top of the rib. Then, you’ll see how fast the ribs separate from the fillet, leaving only the meat. Also, if you flip over the fillet so that the skin is on top and then put the skinner on, you can remove fast and effortlessly the entire skin from the fish.

The best part comes now because the cleaning of this product takes no more than a few minutes. The unique design is incredibly useful when it comes to removing the dregs left after the skinning process. Basically, on the side of the device, you’ll notice a latch that can be unlocked making a quarter turn. After you unlock it, remove the spinning shaft and grab the blade. Then rinse it with water and pour a little soap. Let it dry and store it among other kitchen tools.

In addition, there’s no need to worry about putting back the elements because the grabbing blade can only be installed in one way. Once the blade is affixed, slide back the shaft and lock it using the same quarter turn. The fish skinner is ready to go back to work.

Since safety is crucial when cutting and skinning the fish, this instrument is equipped with a safety lever that prevents any incident.



5 essentials I always take with me whenever I go camping


Going camping is a wonderful experience unless you wake up in the middle of nowhere realizing you don’t have a flashlight or matches. All my life I have been addicted to nature so I try to engage as much as can into mini trips at the end of the weekend.

Because I’ve been on this path and I understand how crucial it is to have only the essential camping items with you, I want to give you a piece of advice. I’ve gathered some useful info that I want to share with.

  1. First-aid kit

The most important thing you mustn’t forget, under no circumstance, is the first aid kit. During an outdoor adventure, we are exposed to several situations when incidents are quite likely to occur. Issues such as burns, cuts, bumps, or scratches, are bound to happen during a camping journey. So having a kit for basic medical emergencies is a life savior. Generally, you should bring things like aspirins, bandages, bug sprays, aloe vera or ibuprofen. Never leave your house without a proper first-aid kit. If you’re not sure what to get, consult your doctor or read online forums.


  1. Pack of matches

I know that some people are born to enjoy the wild, but the rest of us simply don’t know how to light a fire without using matches. Without a fire, you’re doomed because you need to cook food and to warm your bones during cold nights. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking that one pack will do. Buy in bulk because it’s better to have more than not to have at all.

  1. Ropes and tarps

You probably wonder why I’m talking about ropes when you’re only going for a couple of days in a camping area. The reason I mention them is that they are quite versatile and come in handy if you want to tie knots. Plus, you can use them for making a clothes line if you have wet garments that you want to dry, for hanging your coolers or creating a shelter at night or simply for towing people out of dangerous situations. The bottom line is to never go camping without one rope, at least.

Easy to fold and to carry, tarps don’t take much space and are the perfect size for a backpack. They are useful if you want to add extra protection for your tent or to create a shelter at the campsite.


  1. Lanterns, flashlights or headlamps

I’ve heard some people talking about essential gear when camping and they seem to forget about lanterns and flashlights. Not to mention the headlamps that are mandatory for hikers. If you believe that having a smartphone with a flashlight included will help you in the pitch black, you’re totally wrong. Make sure your source of light is easy to reach and don’t forget about batteries, as well.  

  1. Maps and compass

Even though you think you are saved with a special mobile app, in reality, you need a good old-fashioned RV GPS that stays in your car and offers you information about routes. Don’t rely solely on maps or GPS, get a compass if you’re familiar with this type of tools.